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Who are we?

SFJ Systems Ltd was founded in 1995 by systems engineers with a background in aerospace engineering and designing factories using simulation modelling for Hawker Siddeley. With fully qualified industrial engineers the knowledge and experience gained was used in the consultancy business after the breakup of Hawker. It soon became clear that British engineering could benefit from the new technology only available to large companies at the time. This lead to SFJ Systems Ltd developing software at an affordable price for British manufacturing.

Why are we different?

SFJ Systems specialise in bespoke systems for manufacturing, although we use our proven templates to configure these systems.  Recently and because of new manufacturing climate we have developed and now market a configured solution that is designed to be easy to use without configuration. This can even be trialled on line to eliminate any risk of failure.

The main products and Services used are:

  1. Web Based Database Software Design – Build – Implement
  2. Manufacturing Software Consultancy Specialization
  3. Industrial Engineering
  4. Core Scheduler scheduling for engineering and general manufacturing.
  5. Core Enterprise for food process manufacturing with Forecasting, Demand Planning and Finite Scheduling with data capture, and planned maintenance scheduling with asset control.    

Andil House, Court Street, Trowbridge (Wilts), BA14 8BR, United Kingdom | 01225 775103 | marketing@sfjsystems.co.uk



We are a privately owned company providing the base to deliver completely independent impartial consultancy.


Our mission is our continued dedication to our customer base. At SFJ Systems, we pursue the development and innovation of the most competitive manufacturing, scheduling and planning software in order to maximise the efficiency of our customers. Right from the implementation and throughout training and utilization, SFJ offers 24/7 support to our clients via “remote desktop”.


SFJ Systems facilitates manufacturing, engineering and food-processing SMEs with a cloud-based scheduling and planning system known as Core Enterprise, and Axon.

We can synchronize with other programmes using web services doing away with file transfer and ODBC links. This easy interface technology is the most inclusive and consolidated system in the market, with multi-site and multi-user capabilities. Additionally SFJ provides continuous support from headquarters via “remote desktop” for integral mutual support.

A major focus for manufacturing is to plan ahead accurately so you are prepared for fluctuations in business, and to react to short-term unexpected outcomes. SFJ use the very sophisticated and unique Core Enterprise system in food factories to demand plan and communicate immediate issues with a “red alert” approach. This is a consolidated and efficient way of coping with demand variations, which can be fully integrated into your current system.

SFJ now use the Core finite scheduling package. With 23 years’ experience of installing and writing algorithms it is our endeavour to fit it around your everyday business needs. The Core Scheduler system can also be used in engineering environments and configured to suit different types of production of both part-manufactured and finished products.

SFJ strive to build strong relationships with clients, through integral training and support of the innovative systems provided. We consider ourselves a ‘first mover’ in terms of market advancements and adopt a “best of breed” approach, a concept that we have maintained throughout our 23 year history.