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Core Enterprise for Food Processing

SFJ Systems has particular expertise in implementing especially designed systems for the Food Processing Industry. Core Enterprise is the solution dedicated to Forecasting, Demand Planning, Daily MRP and finite scheduling to help companies cope with all aspects of food processing: from baking, to chilled meats, sausage production, to specialty meals and fast reactive sandwich making. We link to many different types of systems including SAP, AS400, MFGPro, and in house spread sheet systems. Real time updating of the shop floor finite capacity schedule generates KPIs and management reports.

Below are typical examples of installations:

2 sisters

Gunstones Bakery, part of the 2 Sisters Group makes a range of products including buns, sandwiches and sushi.

They use Core Enterprise

To plan and schedule the factory for on time delivery for dispatch vehicles. The system has to react to last minute order changes, and short shelf life products. The shop floor data capture in Core Enterprise keeps track of the schedule time, if delays occur this reports the variance so production can react with extra resource. A number of systems were tried at Gunstones over the years without success, but the SFJ system fitted the factory specification which resulted in a resounding success.

Farne Salmon & Trout, Scotland a major salmon processing factory with many types of finish goods.

They use Core Enterprisefarne-salmon-logo

The processing time for salmon can vary between one and three days dependent on the type of finished goods. Core Enterprise will received orders on the day for delivery meaning Core Enterprise Forecasting and Demand Planning must be very accurate to predict the raw material and finish goods sales. Reducing stock and improving the overall efficiency produces a slick processing environment that can react to modern demand. Campaigning of products is used to cope with seasonal supply of raw material increasing service levels and the overall efficiency of the supply chain. Accurate schedules are generated direct in Core Enterprise.


Cambuslang, part of 2 Sisters Group, is a major chicken processing factory; preparing cooking and packing poultry products. to tight dead lines and specifications.

They use Core Enterprise 2 sisters

Cambuslangs orders are a combination of multi-pack and single portions, so the bill of material and MRP has to cope with purchased meat cutlets and on site portioning of whole birds at different weights. Core Enterprise calculates the input weights at each operation taking account of weight changes and added spices. The complex schedule is generated in directly in Core Enterprise. The line managers input completed quantities and production data for accurate KPI reports.

Lyons Seafood, who processes a large range of seafood products, including thawing, cooking and packaging of Prawns.lyons

They use Core Enterprise.

Web service link from SAP to Core updating the Bill of Materials, SKUs and EDI orders at different levels. A mixture of fresh and frozen products are planned and scheduled taken account of stock at different parts of the process.



Manton Wood Solway, part of the 2 Sisters Group, make sandwiches and fast food products. 2 sisters

They use Core Enterprise linked with Preactor.

Core Enterprise links together the complex BOM production to the daily schedule to deliver an accurate Prep schedule ready for sandwich packing.

Fletchers Bakery makes bread, buns, muffins, and scones.Fletchers-logo-Feature

They use Core Enterprise linked to M3 Systems

A complex schedule of fresh and frozen products controlled by Core Enterprise with the latest EDI orders. A mixture of finite fresh scheduling and MRP, demand planning, stock control, shop floor data capture and general production control.

Vion Halls was a major meat processing manufacture, processing sausages, haggis, black puddings, and cut joints.


They use Core Enterprise

To handle their complex ingredients, by using bill of materials control, MRP and stock control. The immediate analysis of data keeps the system up-to-date and played a major role in reducing waste and improving forecast accuracy. The Core Procurement module is used to interrogate the bill of material against the forecast demand to make sure raw material stock levels are accurate.

Case Study

Whitefield Bakery is a large bread manufacturer in Manchester, primarily freezing and making-to-stock.

They use Core Enterprise

Forecast and demand planning, which is used for long term line balancing, labour requirements and MRP.

Pizza Factory part of 2 Sisters Group, is a large fresh food pizza factory in the Midlands UK, producing over 1 million pizzas every week.2 sisters

They use Core Enterprise

Web Service link to SAP updating Bill of Materials, SKUs and EDI orders at different status. Where provisional orders are Planned and automatically updated with actual orders on the day. Core calculates the WIP demand and then links these to the actual orders for a generated schedule.