Shop Floor Data Capture: Core Enterprise

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Shop Floor Data Capture ( SFDC ) has two main functions; the first is to inform the shop floor what they need to make and when; the second is to allow the shop floor to record actual production information to facilitate key performance indicators (KPIs) reporting.

Core Scheduler has a direct link to SFDC the scheduler can produce a finite schedule for any period and as many days as requested.  Typically the shop floor will be interested in todays and tomorrows schedule in this case a filter will allow the planner to export just these days if required.    This data will contain the scheduled production data and during production will prompt the operators to input the actual data in real time.  This data can be imported electronically if other systems are in use.  The benefit of holding this in Core Enterprise SFDC is the key process indicators (KPIs) will be automatically generated given the site managers real time information on production.

Because Core Enterprise is a web-based tool, we also have the option to view and record the SFDC data on a mobile device (Blackberrys, iPhones, Applied Principles Hornet Devices, any other web-browsing mobile device).


Below is an example of data being collected and the RED figure is an indication of production being ahead or behind the planned schedule.



Shop Floor Data Capture showing planned times, rolling predicted times and actual end times with rolling minute deviances


SKU Specification

As well as storing all of the data required for production planning, Core Enterprise also has a SKU Specification Database which is used by the technical team to store specification data for individual SKU’s. This data can be used to view the data via a web browsing tool on the shop floor, or by printing crib sheets.