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SFJ has generated a system called Core Logistics with algorithms specifically for on time delivery of finished goods.  Haulier transport availability has an influence on the overall production schedule and is a constraint of the transport plan.  Core takes transport availability as one of the many parameters that control the finite schedule.

The complete haulier schedule algorithms in Core Logistics calculates the number of vehicle required as well as the set off times and predicted delivery times.

Logistics and dispatch forms part of all schedules generated in Core.   

Coastal Grains are a logistic and transport company that pickup and deliver food products grown on farms within the caption area to their own silos and warehouses for the distribution.

Logistic companies require precise planning and scheduling in order to facilitate distribution deadlines.

The schedule has a number of complex constraints after receiving orders from suppliers.  These are: distance to farms taking account of  traffic holdups, the volume of product being picked up hence the number of vehicles required, bottlenecks at the farms most cases only one vehicle on site at a time, back at the depot filling silos with the same product and moisture content.  

Weather became an important constraint as suppliers would request a pickup based on the predicted weather, if the weather changed and unexpected rain fell then the moisture content of grain would change and this would effect the silo holding the grain.  The system was further automated by linking to the weighbridge data using the Core web service communication eliminating manual typo errors on registration plate numbers. 

Fletchers Bakery is Large bakery making bread, cakes and scones.

Fletchers use the Core Scheduler for planning and to generate the production schedule.  Being a large bakery, vehicle scheduling  delivering to Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland with a multitude of depots an a full range of SKUs is a critical part of the logistics.

The schedule has a closed loop link to the ERP system.  The ERP system is used in the vehicle loading bay for pallet loading the correct products  itemised on the delivery manifest generated by Core.