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Electronics companies require precise planning and scheduling in order to facilitate distribution deadlines. Furthermore, the electronics industry has accurate standards to adhere to in the execution of its components and end products. SFJ Systems has the capacity to facilitate these electronics companies with the software needed to meet these standardised requirements. SFJ has over 25 years experience and knowledge implementing finite systems, so electronics companies can be put at ease that the implementation process and maintenance will always be of a high standard.



AIWA is a Japanese electronics company which is now owned by electronics global giant, Sony.

AIWA use SFJ algorithms for Auto Insertion, which is an incredibly complex system to schedule. Production managers can now acuractly schedule orders four months ahead of time, assisted in production control and been able to make more accurately calculated decisions regarding acquisition of new machinery and distribution of labour.



Flextronics Sarvar is a global supplier for injection-moulded components. They supply to a range of sectors, including automotive and retail.

SFJ has written specific scheduling algorithms for Flextronics to improve efficiency within their plant. Now they are able to generate accurate daily schedules.

Flextronics Cork is a global supplier for white goods.

They use SFJ algorithms with Preactor to create detailed production schedule for PCB board production.