Production Tracker

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Production Tracker is a web-based project management tool that operates in the same way as a Magnetic Planning Board but it has the benefit of recording all movements.

The old style Magnetic Planning Boards are commonly used in production meetings to help visualise what is happening on the shop floor. The downside of the manual system is that the only way to keep history is to take a photograph of the Magnetic Planning Board positions. We have replicated the Magnetic Planning Boards in a ‘drag and drop’ web-based interface.

The Production Tracker system allows the users to update the progress of Production by dragging items from work centre to work centre; each time a job is moved it records the time it left the work centre and also the time it arrived at the next work centre. The system is designed to be updated live, so it records the actual time jobs move around the shop floor.

The Production Tracker has a hierarchical structure that allows the user to duplicate the structure of their factory; this helps to visualise the process on the shop floor.


Production Tracker Drag Drop Icon Movement

Production Tracker


Status History of a Job in Tracker

Status History of a Job in Production Tracker