Supply Chain System Innovations

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At SFJ Systems and and at our parter’s, Raith Systems, we are all about supply chain system innovations. We strive to deliver ground breaking software developments for our customers. No issue is to big or to small for us to deal with.

Such has been the success of our systems, we have now partnered with another well established software system design house – Raith Systems – in order to share the development load. Between our two companies, we have many years of experience in hardware and software design.

Below are just a few examples of the supply chain innovations we have currently delivered, and a taster of what we could provide to your small – medium business.

Shop Floor Data Capture
Data capture is a key part of production control. The fully integrated SFDC with a direct link to management reports and KPIs gives management the chance to react quickly. Data capture can be done through standard menus, tablets and PDAs. Recording downtime, speeds, rates, efficiencies, resources and planned v actual at all levels.

Pressure Testing Software
SFJ has worked with software developer Raith Systems, to create a web front end CorePT’s Pressure Testing solution. Web Service Integration allows multiple sites to store Pressure Testing data in CorePT software. This data is collected in a Central Server creating an enterprise application for the global market place.

Pre Date Stamping
Short term Pre Date Stamping can be critical in a fresh food environment. Taking account of shelf life and capacity means fluctuating orders can be tackled much easier.

Maintenance Control System
The key to improving efficiency and productivity is by maintaining fast maintenance of assets and resources. The integrated asset management system plans equipment and maintenance staff on using a controlled calendar, hence planned maintenance is never missed. With full historical reports this novel module can assign workloads to staff and see impacts as and when they happen.

Daily Planning Board
Demand planning forms the back bone of any manufacturing process. The food industry has specific needs looking at long term capacity, as well as short term capacity. With the suite of smoothing rules capacity is filled either by labour hours or capacity hours. The radio button switches will also convert the calculations to tonnage and units.

Daily Forecast Editor
This functionality keeps track of actual orders and compares them to the daily forecast orders. Allowing the planner to view order trends over the last 10 weeks and if required manually adjust to local requirements. This tool is ideal for businesses that like to stay ahead by having accurate forecast data to show to clients.

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