Planning & Scheduling

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SFJ use Core Enterprise to either enhance your demand planning and scheduling or it can be used on its own as a stand alone system.  If master data is supplied by the clients system we use either the automatic web service links and update Core at any predetermined time, or standard file transfer controlled by the user.  Core holds all historical data and allows the user to use part supplied data and part entered direct into Core. 

Core Enterprise

A major focus for manufacturing is to plan ahead accurately so you are prepared for fluctuations in business, and to react to short-term unexpected outcomes. SFJ use the very sophisticated and unique Core Enterprise system to demand plan and communicate immediate issues with a “red alert” approach. This is a consolidated and efficient way of coping with demand variations, which can be fully integrated into your current system.

Core Scheduler

The Core Scheduler system is how SFJ address the challenge of finite scheduling, of both part-manufactured and finished product. Once material requirement is assigned, there is full traceability to all product components and an analysis can be made to see if the relevant resources can sustain orders. Core Scheduler can be fully integrated or can work as a stand along version.

CorePT Pressure Testing

This solution provides electronic recording of Pressure Tests for complex engineering equipment which is deployed underwater and used by the Oil & Gas Industry. CorePT Pressure Testing   solution can be integrated with other software packages to provide results for certification or reporting, or to feed test requirements to reduce risk of errors via variation in Test Procedures.