Master Data: Core Enterprise

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Master data is the reference data that is required for the calculations within Core Enterprise. This key business information includes customers’ data, depots information, SKU data, production lines data (including resources), operation run rates, resource efficiencies and bills of materials.


All of the databases have an easily searchable data structure that allows quick, easy and seamless navigation to required data. The data structures used have been developed by SFJ Systems over 25 years to aid the integration with financial and sales ordering systems. These two software, combined together, provides an efficient and fully integrated planning and resources system for any business within the food, manufacturing, electronic and engineering sectors.

The Master Data can be run and managed in a number of ways. It can be manually entered via the Input Screens or Imported with CSV file imports. The option of more tightly coupled data integration with ERP systems is also potentially possible using SFJ Systems’ Web Service Integration skills. This allows a seamless link to the Customers ERP System that can be automated to batch update daily or be user driven at any given point in time.