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Core Enterprise Material Resource Planning (MRP) provides call-off MRP calculations that can be used to build buying plans for financial purchasing systems or for issuing material data to the shop floor. Using the structured bill of material (BOM) with multi product versions we can calculate MRP from any of the calculated outputs of Core Enterprise.

The MRP can be driven from forecasts, daily EDI, Core schedules, SFDC or just a simple ‘What If MRP’ to help with understanding your BOM Data.

This information is taken to the next level with Call Off functionality against Stock, effectively running a Demand MRP and netting off the Actual Stock data to work out potential Material Stock Shortages based on live data.  The output from the Call Off is the Procurement list of material required for the period being analysed, this can be in days or weekly demands.

The MRP in Core Enterprise is designed to be a rapid access tool that provides a very quick overview of all Materials Demands across the whole production environment.