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The Oil & Gas Sector is a strong global market and SFJ are fortunate enough to be working with successful companies in this sector. The oil & gas industry requires precise, accurate and reliable software and hardware to ensure processes run smoothly and efficiently.


    Oil & Gas – FMC Technologies

FMC Technologies

FMC are a Manufacturing and Engineering Supplier of equipment that facilitate
the removal of oil & gas in all areas of exploration. SFJ Systems have worked with FMC for many years on a wide range of software projects, including building complex bill of material costing over time to pressure testing solutions in conjunction with SFJ’s software partner Raith Systems.

Raith Systems Pressure Testing

SFJ’s partners, Raith Systems, have developed a Software & Hardware solution that robustly stores pressure testing data and provides certification of product to oil & gas customers. SFJ have been working with Raith successfully for the last few years to develop & deliver solutions for the oil & gas industry. The two companies continually strive to expand to a global customer base. SFJ and Raith work extremely closely on many projects and have developed an excellent working relationship which is set to continue and grow.