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SFJ Systems maintains a partnership with the Scottish company, Raith Systems, who we have jointly developed a pressure testing software solution for a global Oil & Gas supplier called CorePT.

SFJ and Raith Systems have worked together for many years to improve and develop the product, this product was orginally called RelChron but has been migrated to a .NET Client & Server Application. This has resulted in an excellent relationship being formed between the companies, that has utilised many years of knowledge and experience in both fields of software & hardware technology to produce an outstanding project. SFJ’s relationship with Raith Systems is an important partnership in the ever changing and competitive world of manufacturing software. We have joined forces to produce some very exciting solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry.

The solution provides electronic recording of pressure tests for complex engineering equipment which is deployed underwater.

The pressure testing system is designed to provide redundancy at all levels. A pressure testing rig can operate as a standalone system on a non networked PC connected to a test rig. The real power of the system is when it is connected to a network, this allows us to leverage the power of SQL Server Database technology. Once a test is completed the data is then sent to the server, this allows back-room staff to view the test data away from the shop floor and in their own office. CorePT provides a web front end-to-view completed pressure tests; this is excellent for off-site viewing of live tests, as well as web charting and reports that provide the required documentation for certification of the manufactured product to the customer.



This diagram shows an overview of how the RelChron system works

This diagram shows an overview of how the RelChron system works



SFJ Systems has worked with Raith Systems to add this extra layer of power that allows the system to move towards becoming an enterprise solution for a global manufacturing company.


Example of Pressure Testing Process Flow above shows how CorePT is fully integrated in to a manufacturing process. The JSA ( Job Safety Analysis ) capability ensures HSE Safety is adhered at each level of the pressure test.


Work Order Progress


CorePT has the ability to Track progress of Jobs from the Shop Floor and indicate to supervisors / management via a Web Page levels of completion of customers orders in Real Time.

Pressure Chart


You can view every pressure tests in the CorePT Web App, this enables detailed analysis in a safe environment. These charts are then exported to PDF and used for Customers Certification.


For a quick demonstration of the solution please watch the following YouTube video CorePT Quick Demo Video