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SFJ Systems has dedicated itself to implementing their systems in the engineering industry. We help companies to cope with all aspects of manufacturing: from the raw materials to finished goods and distribution, we aid engineering companies at any and every stage of the manufacturing process. We link to many different types of systems including SAP, AS400, MFGPro and in-house developed spreadsheet systems.

Some example installations are listed below:


APGCashDrawer400-300APG required a system to control and plan their units that are returned for repairs. They are using SFJ software to record repair tasks and inspection details.

The repair process follows a complex logic path through production with an inspection process at each stage.  Each stage is meticulously inspected and worn parts replaced until the complete unit operates as new.


Cash Bases Ltd manufactures point-of-sale cash machines for the world’s leading retailers.CashBases

The Axon system controls the master data  When demand is required for repairs, Cash Bases call the system and plan production. Built into the system are various reports that give repair turn around times, etc.

Cosworth is an auto mobile engineering company which specialises in the manufacturing of engines for Motorsport.cosworth

SFJ Systems wrote precise algorithms to suit Cosworth’s requirements, which resulted in major success for Cosworth. Preactor could calculate concrete, calculated ‘what if’ scenarios, improved flexibility and could keep Cosworth’s workforce fully involved, which their old system could not achieve previously.

*Disclaimer – Cosworth and SFJ Systems are currently not in business together. The work done with Cosworth was a good number of years ago.

Kenco Techniques Ltd is a diverse engineering company.kenco


Closed Loop finite scheduling system.

Integration was required to link Core Systems to Kenco’s production control system called KISS. Core scheduler has a constant link to the master data and 14 shop floor viewing and data capture systems completing the closed loop environment. This allows the engineers to quickly react to changes of the route card and pick up the latest production data from the shop floor, which proved to reduce downtime and improve efficiency delivering a high service level.


Utile Engineering Ltd Manufacture and design a range of high quality sliding vane, positive displacement gas compressors, air blowers and vacuum pumps as well as centrifugal air and gas boosters/exhausters to meet almost any requirements.UtileEngineering

Using the Siemens new Standard Preactor system to hold the master data and schedule components for assembly and delivery.