Cloud Computing used in factories and Industrial Engineering

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Computing systems are fast moving away from client installed systems.  The Microsoft Azure technology is a platform that allows systems to be developed without the requirement for third party client installed software as well as no need for dongle licencing.  Now just use a browser to access systems, the background maintenance and support is all controlled within the Azure platform.

Another benefit is the local IT servers and maintenance of these servers is automatically passed on to Microsoft reducing server cost and software upgrades for the servers.  Typically, the local server room is not required.

Prior to Azure technology we gained valuable experience working in partnerships with a major US university exploiting semantic web technology to develop a cost forecasting and financial management framework for Airbus UK.

Now all our systems use Microsoft Azure technology, they are designed to link to current client software typically ERP and financials, and give these legacy systems extra shelf life with this new technology.  Our systems are designed to be adjusted and configured to the client’s requirement using a continuous improvement maintenance cover. 

Typically, four factory sectors are covered:

  • Food and Drink using Core Enterprise.
  • Engineering using Core F1 Production.
  • Asset Planned Maintenance using Core Maintenance.
  • Antigen production using Core Lab.