RelChron Pressure Testing Venture


In 2015, SFJ Systems have teamed up with RelChron in a new venture to provide state-of-the-art pressure testing software for subsea oil and gas pressure testing.

Such has been the success of our systems, between our two companies, we have well over 160 combined years of experience in hardware and software design.

RelChron creates software driven Pressure Testing Systems for the logging, recording and reporting of Gas and Hydrostatic Pressure Tests during the manufacture of subsea equipment for the Oil Sector.

Pressure testing reporting systems for the Oil Sector is a complex process, however our software has a proven track record, with over 75000 tests completed to date. RelChron has recently partnered up with SFJ Systems who provides software that targets key production issues for manufacturing.

No network access? No problem.
If your network goes down on your shop floor, there is no need to panic with the Relchron system in place. Our system will still read a part under test, even if you have no network connection.

Power outage? No problem.
Every one of our systems runs with a robust UPS system. In the event of a brown or black out, tests will still log until the system recognises a safe way to exit the test.

The petroleum industry requires extensive exploration, extraction, refinement, transportation and marketing of natural resources. Evidently, the industry finds itself in a very difficult environment with reference to equipment operations. Working in extreme temperatures and pressures, all equipment used during the process must rigorously withstand these conditions.

Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing

RelChron – in partnership with us – have been providing pressure testing software and hardware for FMC Technologies, who is a global market leader in subsea systems and a leading provider of technologies and services to the oil and gas industry. Supporting these clients, SFJ and RelChron endeavour to make their systems as innovative and efficient as possible.

For more information on our project with RelChron, please contact us via

Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing

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