What’s happening in the Software world?

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06.05.15 – What’s happening in the Software world?

Here at SFJ Systems, we like to keep in touch with what’s happening in the manufacturing, food processing and software industries. We also like to share it with you! Here are the top stories from April, so grab a cuppa and get reading!
“What a bad enterprise software purchase will cost you”


This short and snappy piece perfectly captures why you should never, ever rush into making software decisions. This may be a little obvious, but with the mounting pressure of the busy market and potential loss of profit at stake – mistakes can be made in hast. Moral of the story, make sure your software is good enough for your business.

“German engineers need software to head off technology firms”


German manufacturing companies are fearing the worst in the midst of the rising competition in computerised technology in the industrial business. No longer is the well-established and respected “Made in Germany” trademark enough to guarantee them trade and success. Could these threats turn into actual declines in profit for German manufacturers? We will just have to watch this space.

“Can robots replace people?”


The use of robotics all over the world is spreading, and spreading fast. We have already seen automation being used on the assembly line and factory floor, transforming the way the manufacturing sector does business. As this article points out, could they be heading for our software engineers too?! We personally think not, but it’s a nice idea!

“Procurement– a hard problem for manufacturing industry”


This definitely was an interesting read for us! SFJ don’t typically deal with the textile and garment sector, and this article highlights a very foundational problem for nearly all manufacturing businesses – the ‘make – to – order manufacturing strategy’. The answer basically, get MRP software – i.e. Axon!

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