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Some Recent Implementations:

RelChron Pressure Testing Venture:

January 2017: SFJ Systems have teamed up with RelChron in a new venture to provide state-of-the-art pressure testing software for subsea oil and gas pressure testing.

Such has been the success of our systems, between our two companies, we have well over 160 combined years of experience in hardware and software design.

The petroleum industry requires extensive exploration, extraction, refinement, transportation and marketing of natural resources. Evidently, the industry finds itself in a very difficult environment with reference to equipment operations. Working in extreme temperatures and pressures, all equipment used during the process must rigorously withstand these conditions.

SFJ - RelChron Venture

RelChron – in partnership with us – have been providing pressure testing software and hardware for FMC Technologies, who is a global market leader in subsea systems and a leading provider of technologies and services to the oil and gas industry. Supporting these clients, SFJ and RelChron endeavour to make their systems as innovative and efficient as possible.

For more information on our project with RelChron, please contact us via marketing@sfjsystems.co.uk


Farne Salmon Scotland:


March 2017: Demand Planning scheduling using the SFJs Core Enterprise, is used to convert the Farne Salmon factory from a stock control environment to a fast food fresh fish environment. Now using the SFJs RFID tracking system, the WIP is now displayed on screens around the shop floor connecting production with planning. With Christmas campaigns operating together with daily production requirements this now gives the production and planning vision of capacity.


Utile Engineering Preactor installation:


July 2017: SFJ systems completed the Siemens Preactor installation in July 2017. The Preactor Standard was used to deliver accurate finishing times for components in final assembly and link to Utiles KPI database for up to date information.