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SFJ provides integrated supply chain systems such as scheduling, cost building and demand planning systems that target key production issues for manufacturing and food processing.

We use the “best of breed” approach using the latest software technologies to fit around your business model; we are advocates of cloud-based technology which facilitates the 24/7 support for your facility via “remote desktop”.

What we offer:

Core Enterprise

A demand planning software that produces forecasts with a "red alert" approach. It is our most inclusive software package, with the availability of interface capability with existing software, i.e. SAP, Excel, Preactor.


This "finite capacity" planning and scheduling system helps coordinate resources so that products can be planned for in advance, in order for materials and timings to be scheduled effectively.


This fully integrated supply chain system for SMEs is designed around the "made-to-order" concept. Once materials are assigned, an analysis is made to see if the relevant resources can cope with the order.

Pressure Testing

Enterprise Level Pressure Testing software solution follows the "belt and braces" approach with high levels of integrated redundancy and the ability to share results globally.